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All of my family members were musicians, among other things, each gaining an expertise on one or more instruments in addition to piano.  My mother, J.L. Autrey, had been a concert pianist before starting a family, but continued to play piano and organ, and to compose music throughout her life.  My father played tuba, saxophone and bassoon.  My sisters specialized in clarinet, flute, cello and oboe.  I played with the guitar briefly, then quit it all until my interest in playing music returned late in life.  Now I toy with adding to existing music played by family members, or by creating original compositions on a Yamaha MX88 and Cubase Artist software.  Links on this page are to various videos I’ve created featuring original soundtracks and/or soundtracks featuring family members music, often with elements I’d added to the original music file.  Many more can be found in my YouTube Studio page HERE